Absorbtech Superior Container Desiccant
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Products > pole > > DryPole1000gram
Product name : DryPole1000gram
Item : DP1000
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Net Weight: 1 kg (14pcs/ctn)

Size: H 75cm/W 15cm/D 3cm
Working temperature: -20° C to 90°C
Collection capacity: 200%

AbsorbTech Drypole1000 is the new generation of transport protection for the reduction of dew point and control of condensation. It'll help you conquer humidity problems in containers shipped by sea. Drypole1000 desiccant is able to absorb up to 200% of its own weight in moisture. Controls container and cargo sweat, hence your precious cargo is safe from air condensation.

  • AbsorbTech Drypole1000 Desiccant completely retain absorbed moisture and converts it into gel, therefore avoiding leakages.
  • The desiccants are designed in a hanger way to allow you to hang it in the container.
  • Non-toxic Drypole1000 Desiccant is designed to suit various industries.

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